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Editors Review is one of the good online writing services that provide quality academic papers.

The company claims:

They claim that they provide papers with plagiarism free and 100% original content. They use most current software to check plagiarism.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers they have failed in keeping up their reputation for the past couple of years. Clients have complained that they write unnecessary contents for the sake of filling page in between the important statements. Some clients are upset with papers which are not meeting the requirements as they suggested. Their late responses to client’s mails and chats always have been a big issue. Another issue is regarding their pricing, they charge slightly higher than their outsourcing competitor. They are not ready to reduce the pricing rate even after receiving many requests from the clients.

The attitude towards clients has been issues since their establishment. They are not ready to compromise with clients’ requests. So along with clients I would like to say that they should consider this as a service more than a business to stay in this field. On the whole is good business oriented online writing service which has plenty to improve to satisfy the clients.

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