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Editors Review is mainly emphasis on providing sample essay papers and research papers.

The company claims:

They claim that they have a set of professional writers they can write with any complicated topic. But actually the custom writing service is only their secondary service. So they are not completely featured as the normal writing services. They are just having ordering form and pricing details. There is no customer support system or quality assurance department or even doesn’t have a specified writing panel.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

The company itself not giving much importance to the writing service, they try to be more innovative and effective in providing sample essays and research papers. Therefore they are not very successful in custom writing field which is not a bothering issue for them at all. Company doesn’t provide any contacting details for the customers like email address, live chat or any toll free numbers. Based on the few customer feedback from the readers, their pricing rate is bit higher than the normal writing service. The clients have also complaint that they copy content from their sample papers and sell prewritten papers.

Overall the neither the company nor the customers really care about their writing service. The company is really happy with providing the sample essays and research papers.

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Poor qualified writers (Filter only companies having qualified writers).

Number of pages not as ordered (Filter only companies having qualified writers)

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