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In academia, dissertation writing can be the most difficult assignment students ever deal with academic times. Hence, most of the students prefer an assistant to overcome such difficulties in academic writing. The is an online dissertation writing services. On the contrary, their writers have not required skills to make an excellent task. Primarily, dissertation writing does mean everything in students’ life. Thus, it is not a wise idea to evade from dissertation writing, which is a relevant element during academic life. This so-called writing service provides plagiarized content in dissertation writing, and it will be an enough reason to fail the dissertation. Besides, their writers do not well educated as well as in-experienced. However, they get enough work from students from across the world. That is because of their false branding created among students surfing online to find a reputable company. Also, it is not a trusted company to give dissertation works. Obviously, their writers cannot maintain the highest level of proficiency in all subject areas. In fact, they do not have any idea of new scientific methods as well as technologies. Their writing panel ready to write number of academic assignments such as dissertation writing, research paper writing, literature review, coursework writing, thesis writing, term paper and essay writing. On the other hand, they do not have a panel of highly qualified and expert writers. When a student wants to give his/her assignment to a service, the writers must be perfect in the so-called area of research so that they can easily deal with his/her dissertation paper. They cannot provide clients an opportunity of direct contact with clients assigned writer so that clients may not be wholly satisfied with the qualification and experience of his/her dissertation writer. Hence, the writers have an immense role to play in academic writing, and students must make sure the company whether it is wrong or right.

The company claims:

They claim that their writers have years of experience in academic writing. However, it is quite difficult to manage them to some dissertation writing which is so narrow and tough. That means they have not efficient writers those who have enough experience in various fields of researches. They also claim they value client’s privacy, confidentiality. In contrast, they do give the same project to other clients in order to reduce time consuming as well as earn more money. During our complaints screening process three subscribers namely “Cindy Mccain", "John Travolta" and "Amala" from three different countries lodged complaints against In their complaint they submitted exactly the same essay identical to each other's work. This proves that give away same works to many students. Hence, money is the prime factor for a few services. Money is an essential factor, but every venture in education field must do their business as a service based business beyond the money making. Their website says that they are ready to save clients scarce resource on expensive dissertation writing services. Even though they state in their website that their price structure is affordable considering the quality of work, what we found is a total opposite. They just rip customers’ money and provide very inferior to the academic standards.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

As stated in the pertinent feedbacks that we have acquired from users, most of the clients have not delighted with their customer support and money back guarantee work with so far. They don’t have any online chat support for helping their subscribers and they do not give any toll free number for contacting their writers. That indicates that they are not a genuine company at all. In fact, they do snatch money from those students who are struggling to get rid of from dissertation difficulties. Also price range is relatively high when it compares to other online writing services for their poor quality papers. Their quality is only in offers rather than excellence in work .And it’s a clear truth that they have some dummy sites like, both site activities are managed within a same place though sites indicate different addresses. These sites are created in order to trick naive students.

Pros and Cons

As matters of fact, most of their works are not trustworthy that has infected with plagiarized contents. Besides, they are not bothered by the effects of plagiarism that can affect students’ future academic life. They are using the reputation as an academic writing service in order to attain more financial security that has snatched from ordinary students. An academic writer needs a brilliant talent is necessary so that he/she can bring a bright writing for clients. Lack of talents in academic writing has fetched them in an up in the air situation. They do not show any perseverance and integrity during work. The price list does not have any vividness as other companies prefer less price as well as good quality in writing. They are offered in a bright way with fascinating price list. On the contrary, they cannot hold good-will among their clients anymore.


Essentially, an essay writing company must be a proper easy writing provider, and it should be considering essay writing as a service to the students either. The is not a genuine essay writing service because they are not providing services in a proper manner. This so-called company does not guarantee to provide free revisions for their clients to sort out the corrections. Besides, they do not keep confidentiality in the works and status of clients. In fact, their papers are getting low quality, and at the unreasonable price catalogue. Furthermore, they cannot even provide valuable information that related to the writing services. Hence, students must be taking care of such fraud companies which all are discovered as a scam services.


The bar graph about client redemption is interpreted in a bar chart which shows the variation in the reviews on Within a year, a conspicuous change was portrayed. At the beginning of 2012, the feedback is positive, and it is in its extended upward. While we compare the positive and negative feedback, there is simply a slight modification. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has approached down to 670, and the negative feedback advanced up to an extent. And at the end of the year, the negative feedback came down and reached at 995, meantime positive feedback had not found even a slight change. We can see that slowly its importance has decreased. The bar chart seems to be this company will not be making any differences in forthcoming days.

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