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In universities and colleges, there is a range of various kinds of essays that provide to students for completion. The primary concern of a custom essay service is students who have to get customized essay written. However, some companies are pretending as if they are the finest service that is available on the internet, and is one of them. In fact, they provide unnecessary service, but they are hiding the truth about their spurious service. They have launched ample attractive offers to fascinate students through their website, and to some extent, they can make clients believe that they have something unique features as a custom essay writing service. In contrast, most of the offers are fabricated by their staffs. It is a marketing strategy in order to gain more customers, and also they plan for enticing all customers to their service. Their previous clients get awareness about the service of, who pretends to have enough quality in writing that they do not actually have. Obviously, it has low product quality, and most of the time, their project rejects from universities/ colleges. Indeed, a genuine service must be able to write a wide range of various custom essays that are designed to give maximum convenience to clients. does not follow any instructions and principles that are relating to the convenience of the clients. Their poor quality papers create by inexperienced writers, who do not know how to mould a fabulous paper. A service must be sincere to stringent policy, and hire only the top ranked academic professionals from their respect field of the specific topic. For a student, a few errors in writing will be an enough reason to humiliate before tutors, as well as classmates. Therefore, each student should be aware of the main differences between authentic and fraud service.

The company claims:

The writing of has neither creativity nor language proficiency so that they do not make any impact on their project, as well as clients. However, they say that they have something to forge an admirable paper for students. As per the detailed study about their service, they will no longer remain as a custom essay service in academic writing. There are a lot allegations rise against them such as higher rates, less quality, and lack of originality. Their clients said that they cannot tolerate the service anymore because of irresponsibility in their work. Each service has to be working on the given topic very seriously so that only they can please students those who would like to order essay writing services. Moreover, writing essay seems to be a big responsibility for writers. Hence, writers must have the ingenuity in writing.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

According to the numerous feedbacks from the readers of about, it is a fraud company, which have not given any ancillary services to the public so far. Most of their clients miss their deadline when the clients want to submit the topic before tutor. The main reason of the delayed deadline is the writers do not have any adequate experience in writing. Moreover, they do not give any preference to revise the paper upon the request of the clients. Therefore, the clients cannot add any specific changes into the topic by their nature of shoddy service. A genuine service wants to provide the optimal level of satisfaction to clients, and also the structure and style of the topic will be consistent. Their price list is not affordable for common students those who are not coming from an affluent family environment. So that, the dealings of will become exceptionally hard for students, and also they will lose money, as well as precious time. ” First of all, I could not speak with my writer so that I cannot add my own ideas and information into the topic. When I got the project from them, I did not find any pertinent contents on the topic. Therefore, I was disappointed because a few key points that I had to include were not in the content. In fact, the paper puts me in blues. I had placed a few more papers for their service, and also they were not submitted on time. I was overwhelmed because I lost my grades” Says Gary, Trombley.

Pros and Cons

First of all, they do not understand the importance of deadlines, and cannot know exactly how a client feels when a deadline is approaching quickly, and their paper is still mainly incomplete. Such a situation will come up with panic and chaos to the client. Moreover, it makes think that the decision was wrong. Essentially, they provide plagiarism contents on paper in order to shrink time consumption. Besides, it can be lead to the fiasco in the course, and even in the complete module. According to the current situation about their writers, it is impossible to make an outstanding paper for the clients. Because, they have to figure out the applicable elements about writing, and they shall need to exceed their skills in writing.


As a matter of fact, if you look into their work, you will find defiantly that there is no originality in their works. Every service should be considered originality as the cornerstone of all their process. They do not have a team of qualified writers because competent writers will be needed fair remuneration. So that, they are not interesting to hire well-versed writers to accomplish their work. Also, the competent writers must have PhDs in their respective fields and have been trained to understand the need of the client. At, there is no encouragement for the team work. Furthermore, they do not have any flexible discount policy to facilitate the economical problems of students.


The bar graph brings up with the percentage of the variance in the use of among students of those who want an assistant to achieve their aims and ambitions in academia. Besides, it is an online custom essay writing service that is pretending as if they are the best one as genuine company, but we got some significant facts about their work. During a year, we can see the marvellous change from positive to negative feedbacks that about their reputation in the midst of customers. At the beginning of 2012, the positive feedback is at the topmost level between in January, 2012 to in June 2012. When we connect to negative feedbacks, there is only a slight difference between them. Recognizably, it can hardly know which is the peak or lowest point. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 670 with fewer clients, and the negative feedback heaved to an extent, and at the end of the year, the negative feedback arrived at 1035, period in-between positive feedback had not found even the least change. They do exploit their clients’ academic career and future. Also, they irritate them with bad services. In fact, they are not aware about the importance of the academic writing.

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