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Day by day, the demand to students’ academic activities is increasing; it is rather difficult enough to find time for all assignment self-completing. Moreover, headlines and schedules are extremely intolerant to students. Therefore, students should need a rational support in order to get the highest mark when the dissertation writing seems to be a competition among students. The does not have quality professional writers and services although it is an online essay writing service that provides academic assistance to students. Their writers are not able to complete academic assignments and editing service for students. In fact, they cannot assure that every writer of their experienced writing staff, those who are not only undependable but also less qualified in various academic fields. They offered different writing of essays, dissertations, reports, term and research papers, coursework, case study, thesis paper, review etc. Essentially, they do not have the accountability to carry through in-depth research and analysis, and they are using worse methods of data-acquisition. Also, lack of proofreading is another problem with, and they are working without clients’ instructions. Furthermore, they not only provide students with a nonprofessional writing team but also offer students terribly expensive price list which is hard enough to intolerant to academic students. They cannot guarantee that use latest sources as well as avoid plagiarised contents. They are always producing without thoroughly researched and well referenced dissertation. Besides, their writers cannot access to reliable and relevant resources because it may take too much time to complete an excellent assignment. Obviously, they are likely to make assignments without enough preparation, and determination. They argue that they are the best assistance for doing academic writing. However, their students do fret because inexperienced writers will bring the burden of student shoulders, and put students to have a disturbed mind by providing low quality product.

The company claims:

The online writing service claims that they provide only non-plagiarized online custom essays for their clients. Nevertheless, they do not use anti-plagiarised software to make sure that the content of the order is perfectly free from any plagiarism, and their work has infected by plagiarised content by captured from concerned authorities of universities. According to their own words, unlike any other custom writing company provides personal assistance 24/7. In contrast, they persuade students for their service by making a false argument. Even though, their essay writers are on-line any time of the day and night, they do not answer the doubts and questions arising from clients. Lastly, they claim that they offer a variety of payment methods, 100% confidentiality, and 100% authentically written paper. On the other hand, their clients said that they have found same material from different students who did assignment from

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

In consonance with the pertinent comments that we have acquired from users, the majority of the clients have not satisfied with their customer support and quality in writing with so far. Their main problem in the part of contact support, one may reach support via phone, chat, customer's panel and e-mail. Phone: they could not reach support over the phone. Also, their high paper price is not affordable for academic students. Besides, they have so many problems that are based on academic writing such as lack of accountability to carry out in-depth research and analysis, inauthentic method of data-acquisition(plagiarised contents), no proofreading, format is not according to clients instruction, and not use anti-plagiarism tool.

Pros and Cons

The is a fake custom online essay writing service. In fact, their price catalogue is not affordable for ordinary students. They do not give ownership rights transferred to student upon delivery of their order in order to submit it into other assignments. Also, they offer exceptional discounts on web site, but they will not give any significant discount when get finished on delivery time. Indeed, when academic writing comes to students’ academic success, they would never want to rely on the services of amateur writers. On the other hand, is providing service with inexperienced writer who are not conversant with English instead of native English speaking writers who are enough familiar with English. Besides, they cannot quickly have students with a custom written essay that do not guarantee to fit student needs at all, and they are not able to make a unique assignment up to the concept of clients.


Obviously, the does not keep commitment to their clients such as an expensive price list, entirely plagiarized content, delay submitting on deadline, avoid customer doubts and clarification, not always be in online, and give less customer satisfaction. In fact, they are not providing service according to students’ budget. Lack of writing style is the main reason for failure their popularity among students because students need a specific writing. They are not able to providing task according to the deadline, and it may another reason to lost grades. Furthermore, they are pretending as if one of the best writers in the world. In contrast, the customers do not feel comfortable in their works. Conclusively, lack of proofreading is one of the disadvantages of


The bar graph about customer satisfaction is represented in a bar chart which shows the variation in the reviews of ‘ Within a year, a remarkable change was depicted. At the beginning of 2012, the feedback is positive and it is in its heights. While we compare the positive and negative feedback, there is only a slight variation. In the middle of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 680 and the negative feedback came up to an extent. And at the end of the year, the negative feedback came down and reached at 995, meantime positive feedback had not found even a slight change. We can see that gradually its fame has decreased. The bar chart seems to be this company will not make any disparity in approaching days.

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